Christmas tablescape - Elske, Dress For Dinner
Elske Christmas tablescape, Dress For Dinner - table decor
Christmas table, Dress For Dinner
Christmas table decorations - white feather tree, white stag, wooden tree. Dress For Dinner tablescape
Christmas table by Dress For Dinner tablescapes
Vintage-style champagne saucer on Christmas table,  Dress For Dinner tablescapes.
White stag, Christmas tablescape, Dress For Dinner
Elske Christmas tablescape, Dress For Dinner, Christmas table
Grey pillar candle, white wooden pillar candle holder on Christmas table, Dress For Dinner tablescapes
White stag, Dress For Dinner Christmas table
Star garland, Christmas table Dress For Dinner
Vintage-style champagne saucers on Christmas table, Dress For Dinner
Large, round grey placemats, Christmas table, Dress For Dinner
French linen white table runner, Dress For Dinner
White wooden pillar candle holders with grey pillar candles, Christmas table Dress For Dinner
Silver votive tea-light holder, Dress For Dinner
Wooden star garland, Christmas decoration, Dress For Dinner
White feather tree, Christmas table Dress For Dinner
William Morris napkins, Christmas table Dress For Dinner
Christmas table games, Dress For Dinner


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Give your family an extra special Christmas. Elske is Danish for love and you will love the magical feel of this Nordic-inspired Christmas table with its natural wood, snowy white tones and silver sparkle. Save yourself designing, planning, sourcing and shopping time and bring the restaurant experience right to your home. 

Your beautiful Christmas tablescape will arrive in a gorgeous gift box, ready to take out and lay while the turkey is in the oven. 

Unwrap the magic with Elske.

Included in your Tablescape is the entire Elske Collection of beautiful tableware products, plus free magnetic-closing boxes with beautiful ribbon ties, for storage AND a free Christmas table game, to make sure your celebrations really go with a swing.

Please select how many place settings you need. If you are currently unsure, email us at and we may be able to reserve you additional place settings for a period of time.

We recommend purchasing a second tablescape for more than 6 guests, to fill the centre of a larger table.

The Elske Tablescape contains:

4/6 x vintage-style champagne saucers

4/6 x textured grey placemats

1 x white French linen table runner

2 x white wood pillar candle holders

2 x dove grey rustic pillar candles

2 x silver sparkle tea light holders

1 x star garland

1 x snow stag

1 x wooden twinkle tree

1 x white feather tree

20 x V&A William Morris ‘Pimpernel’ paper napkins

1 x Christmas table game

Beautiful gift box(es) for storage

Please note: china and cutlery are not included.


Height of wooden and white trees: 36.5cm and 30cm respectively

Height of stag: 26cm

Please be aware these are decorative items and not children's toys.

Tea light holders made of glass, with mercury effect. Height: 6.5cm

Never leave burning candles unattended.

Gift box measurements: 35cm x 35cm x 15cm for 4 person.

Additional box 33cm x 25cm x 11cm for 6 person.

See individually listed products for other information.


  • Start with your white linen table runner. This can be placed down the centre line of the table. It works beautifully on a wooden table, but you can place it on top of another tablecloth too. Think of it as the red (white) carpet for your central display. Next position your placemats for your guests, whichever side up you would prefer: you can choose from grey or pink, or even mix ’n’ match.
  • Add cutlery and china (we prefer to have plates on the table as guests sit down, then remove them to serve, but that is your call!).
  • Add the champagne glasses at the top right corner of the placemats. The mats are big enough to accommodate the glasses.
  • Place your napkins in the centre of each plate, or you could fold them in half, concertina them into a fan or get creative! (swan, anyone?) We think the patterns are so pretty they look lovely just resting on each plate as they are, but a sprig of Christmas green on each napkin finishes them off beautifully.
  • Start decorating the middle of your table with your star garland and any Christmas foliage you may wish to use. We like to intertwine the garland with ferns, ivy, holly… any evergreens work well. To add some serious sparkle, grab some battery operated fairy-lights and coil them around too. Pine cones and bio-degradable glitter also look fabulous scattered among the greenery.
  • Next, position your pillar candle holders at each end. If you have a round table, place the candle holders just to the side of the eye-line of guests as they look across at each other.
  • Place your trees and snow stag either in a group at the centre, or spaced out along the centre line. The garland can be gently curved around your decorative items so they appear to be nestling cosily in it.
  • Complete your tablescape by dotting tealights in any gaps and keep your table game handy to bring out and surprise your guests!
  • Now you are ready. Light your candles, pop the champagne cork and enjoy the most magical, festive meal. Merry Christmas, from Dress For Dinner.