Laying a beautiful table to us is as important as the food served at the table. The thought that goes into laying a table, is often the thing that guests enjoy the most! With Easter just around the corner, here are our top tips for creating a magical Easter table for all the family.

FLOWERS: These are quite simply, the easiest and prettiest way to lay a lovely spring table. Grab the signature flowers of the season; tulips and daffodils or reach for any pretty flowers in pastel colours. Let the colours of the flowers you bring home dictate your table design.

TABLECLOTH: Just pop a tablecloth on and you'll be amazed at the difference. It doesn't have to be fancy (although our block-print tablecloths are really gorgeous, but then we're biased) - a plain white cloth or runner will elevate your table to something smart for a celebratory occasion

USE THE NICE STUFF: Your special plates, glasses or cutlery - whatever you keep back for smart dining occasions, dig out and dust off for your Easter celebrations. Even if no-one else notices, you'll know you've made it special and it will make you happy.

CANDLES: Pastel candles are such an inexpensive and easy way to make your table pop. Our pastel candle bundle comprises pinks and greens, dot them around your table for instant spring style.

EASTER DECORATIONS: Bunnies, nests, moss, eggs, chicks...whatever floats your Easter parade - there is so much of it to be had! Delight the children with bunny ears and chenille chicks, or dress your table in style with our wooden bunnies, flocked pastel bunnies and daisy nests. Those extra additions will make your guests smile and complete a fun and stylish tablescape to welcome guests around for the long weekend. 

The extra effort shows your friends and family that they are important to you :)

All that's left to do is pop the lamb in the oven and chill the fizz. Happy Easter friends!

Flower Easter Nests

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