What is tablescaping and how do I do it?!


Tablescaping is really just a fancy word for laying a nice table. Anything that looks considered and effortful will make a fabulous impression on guests, so please don't feel intimidated – it's really easy to give it a go and just takes a bit of practice to perfect your technique!

Here is some advice from us to get you started. 

Begin at the beginning... what is going on your table first? Are you using a cloth? Perhaps you have a beautiful wooden table which can look lovely laden with food and nice crockery and glassware. Start with your foundation and work from there.

Do you have a theme in mind? Perhaps you are gathering to celebrate a particular holiday or occasion? Is it an engagement dinner? A birthday? Christmas? Use your guests and the event as your inspiration when picking your colours, textures and trinkets. It is always worth a look at instagram (check out our page @dressfordinnertablescapes or search the hashtag #tablescapes) or Pinterest for inspiration. 

There are so many super fancy ways to decorate your table, but you can work up to that if you want to. And really you can't go wrong with dressing the central area with candles in nice candlesticks and flowers in pretty vases. If you prefer to keep it simple, that will always look pretty. Pressed linens with smart cutlery and crockery and your best glasses – you're dressed for dinner!

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Happy tablescaping!