About us

I'm Ellie, I live in beautiful West Sussex with my family and have always loved creating a special atmosphere at the table for dinner guests. 
I feel that eating, drinking, chatting & laughing with friends and family is just about the best thing about life and a special table sets the scene for a fun occasion.
Dress For Dinner's table is open to everyone: whatever your tablescaping experience (or not) you are welcome here to cherry pick what you like for your table, or let us do the design work for you with our complete tablescapes-in-a-box.
We welcome all feedback, suggestions, reviews – anything you would like to tell us, please get in touch and share your tables with us on Instagram.
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I hope you enjoy my seasonal tablescape designs and hosting your own magical meals. Welcome to the table.
Ellie x

Ellie Moore

Dress For Dinner


West Sussex

GU28 0HE