About us

I'm Ellie, I live in beautiful West Sussex with my family and I have always loved creating atmospheric and welcoming tables for dinner guests. Only a couple of years ago did I realise this is (slightly hilariously) known as tablescaping!
I feel that eating, drinking, chatting & laughing with friends and family is just about the best thing about life. Making a magical table for my guests makes them feel special... and me feel all warm and fuzzy :)
I hope you like our very first tablescape design and enjoy creating your own magical memories. We welcome all feedback, suggestions, reviews... anything you'd like to tell us, please get in touch and share your tables with us on Instagram and Facebook.
We look forward to creating more of our tablescape-in-a-box designs so you can save time... and make your dine fine!
Ellie x

Ellie Moore

Dress For Dinner


West Sussex

GU28 0HE